• Colocation Quarter-Rack

Colocation Quarter Rack

  • Quarter of a Rack Colocation space, -
  • 120/208V power, -
  • 1GB network connection, -
  • 1GB internet connection, -
  • 10TB monthly bandwidth usage, (more options available) -
  • 4 IPV4 is included and IPV6 enabled, (more options available) -
  • Public IPv4 is available for lease, -
  • If you own your IP, we can route it for you, -
  • Free DNS and DNS management (IPV4 & IPV6), -
  • Free Remote Hands, -

  • Ask for a quote

  • We make it easy to Collocate your servers in our datacenter.
  • Ship your server to us and we'll set it up for you.
  • Same day availability without requiring long term contracts.
  • 100mb/1Gb and 10Gb Network Connection
  • Dual stack native IPv6 & IPv4
  • Free high performance and reliable DNS
  • Free DNS management
  • KVM over IP (on demand)
  • Mobile cart with monitor, mouse and keyboard are available in the datacenter.
  • Remote hands at no charge
  • Roof access is available
  • Direct peering with multiple major telecom networks
  • Close proximity to major public and private interconnects
  • Standby power generator eliminates downtime in case of power outage
  • Redundant A+B power is available.
  • Safely outside the flood and earthquake zone
  • In house repair shop and much more ...
  • Colocation Quarter Rack,

    • Product Code: Quarter-Rack
    • Availability: In Stock
    • As low as $195/month

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